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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 26, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the sound of hail hitting this home and sidewalk in sebasta pool today. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. thunderstorms are rare this time of year but today they rolled in quickly. you can see large rocks that came down on the rockville and green valley road. traffic was reduced to one lane in that spot. the rain also cause some minor flooding in some area. ironically as a homeowner had
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the sprinkler going. in napa it wasn't rain but hail that came down surprising a lot of people. one person sending this video in. dark clouds brought rain out for some time. a photographer also found a rainbow over rohnert park. and this is what it looked like on the connector to the bay bridge. mark tamayo is live tracking all of this. >> reporter: very unusual to be tracking this many much thunder activity. looking up in sonoma county 60 lightning strikes for this part of the bay area. 40 out toward solano county.
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.90-inches in that flash flood warning has expired. but that warranted the flash flood warning out over solano countiment this is the history of all that thunderstorms activity. very intense thunderstorms up toward napa. out toward sonoma county as well. you see it towering over napa producing the thunderstorms and hail. out toward browns valley you can see basically the result out there. looks like snow but widespread hail for this part of the bay area. right now, let's take a breath, a completely different story there. the activity has it moves to the east and right now just a few lingering clouds. we still have a chance of
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showers we'll have more of that coming up in four minutes. a large tree came down tonight in san francisco. we're not sure if it was weather related but it came down on potrero in the potrero hill neighborhood. the three also knocked down power lines and numi lines. right now crews in the area are working to clear the limbs off the lines. and a uber car apparently got into an argument with a passenger. ktvu's jana katsuyama is where the uber driver lives. >> reporter: the district attorney says caraja has no prior criminal history he is out on $125,000 bond but no one answered the door tonight. the district attorney says the assault happened on the corner
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of elsworth and allegheny. the uber driver had picked up two men and a woman. he ordered them out of the car and hit a passenger on the head with a hammer. >> the hammer wasn't right around the eye. very severe. >> reporter: tonight neighbors near his home say that they're nice neighbors. >> they brought over goodies. this surprising us completely. >> they're surprised that he has been charged. >> they're nice, you see him out here at bar-be-ques. >> reporter: some uber users say the attack raises questions of security. >> it is pretty concerning but i think with a company like that just like any company, you
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can't control what the employees do. >> reporter: uber sent a statement to ktvu saying we take reports like this seriously and are treating the matter with the ut most urgency and care. the district attorney is hopeing to meet with the ride share to discuss the matter. a van crashed head on into a sam transbus killing two people in san m ateo. it happened at 12:45 on a busy street leaving many people stunned. ktvu's cristina remember -- rendon talked to the woman who
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witnessed the scene. the accident happened around 12:45 on el camino real. the van swerved and hit the bus head on in front of a mortuary. >> it's horrifying, i had to walk past it to get to the funeral. >> reporter: a woman in the passenger seat of the van died immediately and the driver died on the way to the hospital. a witness says the bus passengers were taken away on stretchers. sam tran spokeswoman said no one in the bus was hurt. >> reporter: the driver is very shaken. any of us would be shaken up had we been in an accident like this. >> reporter: wiggins says that she was on her way home.
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>> reporter: police say that they are investigating what caused the passenger to swerve. officers located a 2013 mercedes and took redwood into custody. he's charged with auto theft and probation violation. the theft happened last sunday at the auto bond motors dealership. surveillance video caught the suspects on camera. police say at the moment, seven of the eight cars have been recovered. san rafael police say they are looking for an attempted murder suspect who is considered armed and dangerous. he is identified as 23-year-old jose luis gramajo of san
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rafael. police say if you see him call 911 and do not approach him. police say granajo got into a dispute with another man and that's when the violence ensued. >> the victim got into the car to leave and that's when the suspect pulled out are a gun and shot into the car. >> reporter: the injured man is still in the hospital tonight in serious condition. the oakland fire department is investigating several fires early this morning they think were deliberately set. ken pritchett also tells us that firefighters happened to be at the right place at the right time. and that may have saved a family from one of those fires. >> reporter: toys, tricicles.
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just part of the debris outside of this home severely damaged by a fire. three people were asleep inside. >> lovely family members, kids, fathers. >> reporter: neighbor clay says he heard a commotion and came outside. >> one of the ladies next door was hollering, everybody get out. everybody get outside. >> reporter: no one called 911 because the same firefighters from station 15 who put out the fire were the ones who put out the smoke. >> they made such a big difference. especially with so many people in the residence and they didn't know the home was on fire yesterday. >> reporter: the same firefighters extinguished a car down the street that was also on fire. there were five fires that morning all near station 15. they looked across the street at that warehouse and saw smoke
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coming from the front of it. the warehouse was used as an artist studio. a blackened facade was the only damage. an old couch used as kindling. >> the number of fires that occurred at close proximity. we have reason to believe they were intentionally started. >> you may want to keep an eye out for people snooping around starting fires. >> reporter: there's no description of who was responsible. in oak oakland, ken pritchett. a man is being sentenced to two years in jail for torturing and killing a puppy. alan velete pled not guilty. those charges stem from his abuse of a puppy named lucky right in front of his 4-year-
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old taughter. velete also has to complete a animal abuse course. severe thunderstorms dumped rain and even triggered some flooding. the chance for wet weather this weekend. we're talking with the family of a young man who was stabbed to death on the street. >> we're trying to get through this pain that we feel. >> the answers that they want about the two suspects who were arrested and then release. -- and then released. ♪ with kaiser permanente,
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family and friends are mourning the loss of a 23-year- old concord man who was fatally stabbed outside a house party. they tell ktvu amber lee they want justice but worry that won't happen. amber join us live from pleasanthill after learning more about the victim and what happened. amber. >> reporter: julie, we're at diablo valley college where the young man played football. we're told he loved the sport and was preparing for a career with the u.s. marine when his life was cut short. >> it's hard not, not to have him. >> reporter: ignacio avila's family and friends call him nacho. his sister tells us that his family and mormon faith were the most important thing to him. >> it hurts me that there
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there's no justice for his life. >> reporter: nacho was walking with friends to a house party in concord when a car drove by them. the men in the car and nacho got into an argument. from there things happened quickly. >> he kept saying i'm sad. and then when he was leaning against the garage and he was trying to walk he was dragging his shoulder against a garage door. >> reporter: the case remains open. >> if it happened to my brother, it can happen to anybody else out there. >> reporter: nacho's sister tells us she has heard the suspect is claiming self- defense. a claim that nacho's friends dispute. they showed me a postof weapons
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the man posted. >> confused, sad, hurt. just want justice for my friend. >> reporter: nacho was training in preparation of going to marine boot camp next month. friends said he had worked with children for years at cambridge elementary's after school program where he coached football. >> he's a big guy a big guy yeah. he was born for football i tell you what. born for football and born to be a marine. >> reporter: nacho's sister wonders whether nacho will every get justice. the family is planning nacho's memorial and is struggling to pay for funeral expenses. reporting live, amber lee. thousands and thousands of airline passengers all across the count reu were left stranded after a temporary shut down at two of the nation's busiest airports in chicago. an intentionally set fire at a traffic control fire in aurora
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illinois brought knights to a stop at o'hare and mid-way. authorities say they found a worker who was found with self- inflected gun wound. they report he was angry that he was being transferred to hawaii. >> reporter: the suspect has not been identified. roughly 1,600 flights heading to or departing from chicago were either cancelled or delayed. san francisco international airport tells us the problem in chicago resulted in the cancellation of nine arrivals and nine departures and long delays for other flights. at oakland international a cancellations included all southwest knights to and from chicago's mid-way airport. and at meneta, two flights were cancelled. boat captains walked off the job if forcing thousands of
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bay area commuters to find another way to get to and from work. the strike lasted 24 hours but it is over tonight. the strike affected more than just commuters. >> reporter: sausalito merchants said they saw fewer tourists due to today's strikes by ferry captains. >> definitely. oh yeah because when the ferry comes in there's a few hundred people come off. so definitely a dent on the foot traffic. >> reporter: 20 captains along with supporters walked picket lines mindful on the impact it was causing on commuters. >> this is the last thing we want to do. we want to get people to work safely. >> these workers are 12% behind the cost of living over the past decade and the district wants to increase that gap to
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14% behind the cost of living. >> reporter: the district says the captains are the -- >> if they worked for the blue and white or red and gold they would be making 76,000 a year. >> reporter: the district reported a 10% up tick on golden gate traffic this morning. >> i don't know the system but i think i'll get back. >> reporter: sausalito visitor and bicyclist said he found another ferry company to help him make his way back to san francisco by boat. >> i'm fairly fit. i think i'm going to need the return journey but i'm looking forward to a pleasant ride across the bay. >> reporter: a coalition are set to resume on monday. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. firefighters continue to make progress on the king fire burning east of sacramento. that fire is now 74% contained. that's up from 55% at this time last night. it's burned more than 97,000 acres and destroyed 12 homes in
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the sierra foothills. fire crews northeast of pollock pines are moving out of the area that are no longer in danger on the east end of the king fire. the u.s. forest service also says what's left of that fire is pretty much burning in remote unpopulated areas. well a very active weather day today across parts of the bay area. over the past few hours though, the main action has moved out to the east. so right now we just have partly cloudy skies and cooling conditions out there. here's the latest right now though as the rain showers approaching the foothills out toward the sierra as well. even in the form of snow showers as well up above 7,000, up above 8,000 feet. the main circulation as an area of low pressure getting an idea with this rotation. this will gradually scoot out to the east. we will not have any thunderstorms in the forecast this weekend but cooler numbers beginning with tomorrow morning. partly cloudy skies will be cool in upper santa rosa.
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san francisco 56 and livermore in the upper 50s. 58degrees. here's a a forecast model. we will take it into tomorrow morning. there's still a chance to have a few pop up showers tomorrow morning. this forecast model pulls back on some of the clouds. we're expecting partly cloudy skies. redeveloping near parts of the coast. still generating a few sprinkles into the mountains right around parts of the bay itself. we're looking at the forecast and tell you when 80s make a big come back. even upper 80s in the outlook. an interesting development in ferguson missouri. several weeks after police shoot and kill a teenager there. why the justice department is asking the police department to stop wearing because it produces an us versus them mentality. also a warning for some bay area students to stay off the
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grass during recess. the pest problem the district is trying to clean up by monday. it makes me happy to go on the computer.
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comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. the u.s. justice department has asked the police department in ferguson missouri to forbid officers from wearing bracelets in support of officer darren wilson. he's the officer who shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown. this is a picture of the bracelet. it says i am darren wilson. the picture was posted on instagram. the justice department says the bracelet reenforces an us versus them mentality that they believe exists in ferguson. officers have to wear name tags while on duty so they have be
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identified while on duty. more unrest happened last night. this after chief thomas jackson offered an apology then tried to walk with a group gathered outside of the police department. a scuffle broke out during the walk. it's unclear how it started. the chief was hustled back to his office and four people were arrested. an attempted assault by the isis extremist groups in turkey. shots were fired between kurds and the militants. it appears the kurds were able to stands their ground. war planes destroyed four tanks belonging to isis in eastern syria. it's the fourth day of fighting there. militants are being targeted in a oil producing area in syria that is providing millions of the dollars to siria. the price tag for american involvement in the new fighting
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in the middle east is estimated at seven to $10 million a day. the u.s. is getting some help. french aircraft are already bombing isis targets in iraq. the netherlands today committed six of its f16 air carriers to deliver air strikes. the british parliament voted to help with air strikes in iraq but not to syria. >> it's not a threat on the far side of the world. left unchecked we will face a terrorist cal fate on the shores of the mediterranean with a proven determination to attack our country and our people. the turkish president called for a no fly zone along the border with turkey and said his nation is considering how to support the u.s. led coalition. the fbi has been called in to help investigate a horrible workplace killing in o. -- oklahoma where a woman was
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beheaded. 30-year-old alton norman had just been fired and returned. he attacked the first person he saw. it happened to be a 54-year-old woman and he cut off her head. as he was attacking a second woman, the plant supervisor shot and wounded him. >> information has been obtained that he was trying to convert some of his coworkers to the muslim religion. >> reporter: police have been looking at his involvement on social media. the drought may be bringing an unexpected problem to at least one east bay school district, fleas. san leandro's roosevelt outside for recess but the kids were not allowed to play on the grass. the school plans to close the entire campus this weekend to
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spray for fleas. administrators say they're getting complaints from students because of flea bites. >> the flea problem has escalated as well as other outdoor pests that have to find water to survive on an every day basis. >> the district is checking its other schools to see if reports of flea bites are up. the school year is just beginning but already a bay area college campus is on high alert. the warnings going out to students and what school officials are doing to keep them safe. >> a busy country highway that's become a killer highway. why this stretch is getting extra attention.
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a north bay highway will be
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saturated after special enforcement after three fatal crashes there. debora villalon went to sonoma county to find out what makes lakeville highway so deadly. >> reporter: this first vehicle is doing 70 70 miles per hour. >> reporter: it's easy to find them and their excuse is always the same. >> do you know what the speed limit is on the highway? >> 65 miles per hour. >> it's actually 55 miles per hour out here. >> reporter: people don't drop their speed for the 2-mile country highway. when people aren't speeding their passing each other in frustration. >> once you cross those double yellow lines, then you're just taking the gamble on what will happen next. >> reporter: what happened last week a head on accident killing one driver and causing major injuries to two other people.
10:31 pm
last month a vallejo father died when a pizza trailer unhooked and killed him. >> the child's mother died which kind of hits home. and those always can be difficult to investigate. just because you can't take the human factor out of it. >> almost every friday there's a where he can some where on lakeville hospital. >> reporter: this shuttle takes people up and down the highway to get them safe home. >> we get fender benders all the time. >> every now and then we have someone who tries to get away with 80. >> reporter: local drivers, tourists, farm trucks and big riggs a deadly mix. >> next they think you know you can have a major collision that can ends lives or destroy lives. >> you're going 75 miles per hour in a 50.
10:32 pm
>> 70? >> yes, sir. >> everybody was going at the flow of traffic i didn't think i was going 70. >> just sitting here you can tell that this guy, that guy he's not going 55. >> give me the bill, i'll sign it. >> reporter: no one likes to get a ticket. but drivers be warned the enforcement continues, speed detectors will be out again this weekend. taking a live picture now at a dark lakeville highway. here where it interacts highway 7. after being out here for hours it's finally now that we've finally see traffic drop off. reporting live in sonoma county, debora villalon. drivers who used highway 37 in the north bay should be prepared for more detours this weekend. caltrans plans to close highway 37 until 5:00. last weekend the work went smoothly and the highway was
10:33 pm
reopened by 8:00 saturday night. but there's no guarantee that will happen again this weekend. so be prepared for potential back ups. south bay congressman mike honda is denying accusations of ethics violations. honda's challenger ro khanna -- appear to show an aide coordinating invitations for political donors. >> it's very possible that they, handa camp wanted to get them to support congressman honda. if they targeted our donors to invite to the state department, that's even more troubling. >> reporter: house rules say campaign solicitations may not be linked to official actions by a house member. in a statement by his communications director, congressman honda said house rules were not violated.
10:34 pm
they continue saying quote, he believes staff should have taken more care to prevent the appearance of coordination. the congressman is disappointed and has reiterated his policy and expectations to his staff end quote. st. mary's college is just two week spwaos -- two weeks into the new school year and already that campus is dealing with safety concerns. classes are already done for the day. many students are now celebrating the weekend but perhaps with greater care because there's been two cases of sexual assault this year. >> the first i -- first incident was between two students. >> reporter: officials are reporting a male student fondled a female then exposed himself. >> i don't think it's surprising that it has happened because schools all over the nation have to deal with sexual assault. >> reporter: the other incident also last week was revealed secondhand so it's unclear where it happened or who was
10:35 pm
involved. >> the crimes that were reported to us were forcible fondling and sexual assault with a foreign object. >> reporter: the campus women's resource center works to prevent sexual assault. >> absolutely everyone has to get consent. it is mandatory. it needs to be a verbal yes from both parties before anything can happen. >> reporter: school officials want all victims to come forward to report the crime so the problem can be tackled head on. >> 60% of all sexual assaults go unreported. >> reporter: every student has to take a sexual education class before coming to school. >> no means no. you have to get your hands off. >> reporter: officials emphasize that sexual assaults usually happen when alcohol is involved. in moraga, i'm john sasaki. foster farms have issued
10:36 pm
another recall of chicken. it is recalling nearly 40,000 pounds of frozen chicken strips that were produced in louisiana. they were sold in california and other states and may be contaminated with with listeria. the products were sold with a best by date of august 2015. and were told in 3.5 pounds bags with the number p-33901. the recalled models include the 2013-2014 ford c max compact. the fusion, the escape suv and the lincoln mkz. ford says a possible short circuit could stop the air bags from working. the short circuit could also affect your car's instability control and other systems.
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ford says it's unaware of any accidents and that dealers will replace the restraints control module at no cost. forcing people to get an expensive permit to snap pictures in public parks. >> i think it's really a poor idea. >> the proposal that's sparking outrage. female announcer: the savings really stack up during sleep train's inventory clearance sale.
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an online campaign is under way calling on the san francisco 49ers to bench defensive line men ray mcdonald following his arrest for domestic violence. the group based in san francisco wants the nfl to have a zero tolerance policy for violence. police showed up to his home and found his pregnant fee -- fiance with bruises. >> we feel strongly that having incidents during the season. >> the santa clara district torn's office says the police investigation is still ongoing. tomorrow is national drug take back day.
10:41 pm
a chance to get rid of any unwanted prescription drugs that you may have hanging around the house. you'll be able to drop off the medications at most bay area police stations. and in the future, it may be even easier to drop off your old medications. new rules from the federal government will allow pharmacies to start accepting unused drugs even narcotics. >> pretty common. you know we have patients who loved ones have passed away who were on pain medications and it was very difficult to have them, you have to go to another place to get rid of your medications. >> reporter: starting october 9, several locations will taking old medications. why the people who know this week's power ball winner says they think he will keep a normal life. i'm meteorologist mark tamayo.
10:42 pm
we'll is a look at your weekends forecast and if you should expect more of the same. also uc berkeley one of the best kwrufrts -- one of the best universities in the u.s. but the chancellor says the graduation rate of certain students is embarrassing. to over 1.4 million low-income people at home. internet essentials helped me progress in my schoolwork. it helped my grades move higher. today it's the largest broadband adoption program in america. it helped me a lot. comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
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embarrassing that's how the chancellor of uc berkeley describes a report that shows the graduation rates of student athletes there are some of the lowest in the nation. but as ktvu's mike mibach reports today is a new beginning for the university after the chancellor accepted more than 50 recommendations from a task force that was set to send student athletes on the path to success. >> reporter: the university of california at berkeley. >> i love the culture. >> reporter: an academic institution. >> i love the people. >> reporter: that prides itself
10:45 pm
on success but according to ncaa data, cal is failing when it comes to student athlete graduation rate. nicholas dirks calls it embarrassing. >> it was not a pleasant surprise. >> reporter: chancellor was new to campus when he learned that athletes have the lowest graduation rate. dirks said he immediately actedded. today the task force released its final report that included 55 immediate locations. reducing midweek athletic events and stricter attendance for student athletes. >> we want to be attentive to the reasonable likelihood that the students will not only succeed but prosper here academically. >> reporter: holding coaches more responsible not only for
10:46 pm
the ad. the report also recommend all student athletes be assigned a professional advisor. >> we hope very much that other colleges and universities will do some of the same things we're doing. this is the kind of national issue. >> chancellor dirk says the it's about pride. and moving forward he wants every student to graduate into a position of 4r50edership in -- position of leadership in work and at life. a man is $28 million richer after buying the only winning lottery ticket at a local market. today business owners says he deserves it. >> it's about time one of us becomes lucky, too bad it was not me. >> reporter: the lottery winner is wyn vihn. he bought the whipping ticket at the market using tips from
10:47 pm
his job. and after coming forward to claim his prize he told the california lottery he just wants to be a normal guy. one of his clients thinks he'll be able to do that. >> i think i'll try as best to stay as normal as possible knowing him. but i think that will be hard with the kind of winningings that he got. >> reporter: nguyen says he has no plans on how he will spend the mark. the owner of the market will also get a checken for selling the ticket. fall is just beginning but looks like winter is not that far off. tahoe got the first of snow. opening day is now just 56 days away. the ski resort also said to be the's markings is one of the
10:48 pm
earliest in recent years. we're going to add more snow in that area later on. right now we just have a few lingering clouds out this. the main activity has moved out of town. there's still the chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorms as we head into the overnight hours. as i mentioned the main activity is out toward pollock pines. partly cloudy skies. a live camera looking out toward the bay bridge fairly quiet in the bay right now. as far as current numbers, updating it hoeing you 59 degrees in santa rosa. oakland checking in 64 and san francisco last check 62 degrees. so here's the culprit for today. this area of low pressure moving into the region. detableizing the rest of the -- showers leaving us overnight. into the weekend not really for tomorrow but by sunday and into
10:49 pm
monday high pressure returns and that will bring in warmer temperatures, that will lead to very confidentable temperatures into next week. for tuesday and wednesday. the fire danger could be on the table once again with more bags kicking in for next week. here it comes. we're going to hold on to the slight chance of an isolated shower for tomorrow here in the bay area. but if you can see still more clouds, more showers out toward the sierra and then for tomorrow night 6:00 possibly just partly cloudy skies. high elevation snow up and down 3,000. just a chance that will be around 6,000 fee. 6:00, forecast for tomorrow. a slight chance of an isolated shower and temperatures mainly in the upper 60s to upper 70s if saturday's afternoon highs.
10:50 pm
san jose 73. fremont 72. half-moon bay 67 taoegz. a look at -- half-moon bay 67 degrees. it's an interesting time of year. we have a big extreme out there. the storms today, back to the heat this week. >> you were saying how quickly that is. >> just widespread showers and thunderstorms out there. >> mark, thank you. mark is here now with sports. giants already in and the a's getting so close. >> magic number one. >> that's about as close as it gets. and the giants aren't going to eke to keep an eye on. josh donaldson hurt his knee on
10:51 pm
that dive. tay been is banged up on the taepb. adam dun late season apraoáeufl with the shot off the foot and a cupping of running. now a 2-1 lead. how about this guy. solo over and out. 3-1 oakland and again redick this time to left field delivers a hacker in the left center. you will end up with two on that particular hit. cashner only one wedding and witting his 12th of the year. with no sense of urgency and the settle smell hreupgering in the clubhouses. giants in a really nothing to lose pot last. madison baumgartner an 18 game winner taking the award for
10:52 pm
most inspirational. 1-1. three runs runs offer vogelson off the pitch and reme rivera. it works 2-run score, 4-5 final only five mitt aopb the line for the very settle pry dads this evening,. quick start for the americans we'll see if it pays off limit. what would friday night be. sports part ii next.
10:53 pm
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10:55 pm
on paper it kinds of looks like a potential blow out. undefeated giants taking on san leandro. now 1-4. they see liberty's kanati bolt into the end zone 15 yards touchdown. 7-7 game in the second quarter. looks like a touchdown. norman had it down the
10:56 pm
sidelines 40 yards dyeing into the end zone. however he's ruled out at the one. they settle for a field goal so that's a big place. here's the early morning whicher, liberty up 14-zero. anthony ansianno is picked up peu that's your game saving interception in considering how liberty has been throttling people. the liquid lions now a perfect 5-0. in golf as it is in tennis these days it's all about the ewe rows. as american got a quick thigh royal the the to ricky fowler and jimmy the he will drink ape. europe only one down on six- fowler had this tush. not even towel.
10:57 pm
kwraoupt pens close out the match. he drains it for team europe. wins the match 3-2 and the afternoon session 3-1/2 to a half lead after one 5-3. there you go. looks like the ewe rows are under way again, that is a porting league for a oakland a east. because after all they did have a great first half it's all about how you fin i think. but just enough left in the tank. they're smoking with a 53 buick right now. >> they're sputtering to get there. >> yeah. they had the best record for this part of the season. >> you still don't what the. >> one game winner take all. >> that's it. we're moving on. >> thank you for choose, k it shall -r sr-rg u i know ewe had
10:58 pm
to look it up online. thanks for joaning us. have a weekend. >> good night. female announcer: save up to 35%
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